Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fájate - Girdles and everyday postsurgical / orthopedic garments with ISO 9001 International Certification V. 2008

They often do not know that brand to buy amid the myriad control garments that are in the market for Garments, the truth every day there are more brands and more diversity of ideas in shaping the figure and give control to the body, so it is important to choose the ideal product for you and get evaluated between the multiple features available on the market, here you will find reasons to choose your belt and you can see substantial changes in your body in no time:

1. Plastic Surgery After the tissues are very often abused and ruin the surgery or not have real benefits if the body is subjected to excessive pressure, so it is important to choose the right size, in addition there are many brands on the market but only one offers from 3XS to 5XL sizes which guarantees you a garment for you, but also Fájate offers three different size for every body type and height so that really get what you want, is for women with high waist heights greater than 1.70 meters; normal size women between 1.69 meters and 1.79 meters and for people with short waist measures less than 1.60 meters, this ensures a pattern of measurement for each body type at all levels of surgery.

2. Note choose soft materials such as Lycra on the inside, which helps healing processes in the body evitanto hurt skin and come fully lined, is additionally used the PowerNet but check it is a soft, elastic and compression to help recover the tissues exert real pressure and help amoldear Fig.

3. Look for the Seal of Quality ISO 9001 and the Microcapsules of vitamin E, which will help in the healing process and also to ensure desinflamación manufacturing processes and product quality.

4. Finally check the smell and content and will be the best you can measure the before buying a surgery because you can lose up to 2 sizes but you're so swollen immediately help you in the recovery process and not be torment.

Specialized advice is always consult your doctor about the garment you need, the strips of Fájate have a value chain worldwide and many additional benefits that let you look as you like, always radiant and slim ..... Fájate why!

Fájate - Fajas postquirurgicas y de uso diario / Prendas ortopédicas con Certificación Internacional ISO 9001 V. 2008

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