Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fajate has excellent quality clothing and worldwide recognition thanks to its wide variety of designs and references that can offer a personalized garment almost every figure type. The care in choosing quality materials and constant innovation, put it as the best band of the market and the best price / profit for the segment in which it competes. In Fajate find clothes made Spandex Lycra Powernet and unique in its kind which ensures the perfect compression level after your surgery to ensure achieving the same result and smoothness characteristic of the brand to decrease the healing process, in addition all garments have micro-capsules of vitamin E slow release allowing the skin to nourish gradually improving results in the operating room. One of the main characteristics and added values ​​of the brand is the quality certificate ISO 9001 ensuring manufacturing processes with the highest global quality standards. An experience of more than 8 years in the market and a portfolio of services and catalog references that make fajate garments are admired by plastic surgeons around the world. It is very common to see the best plastic surgeons in Colombia and around the world recommend this garment ideal compression level for this type of cosmetic procedures.
When choosing the best girdle to keep in mind you all these features beyond price, because what you pay, it is very common to see bands that are only good for a few days and begin to suffer damage or lower yourunderstanding, even more common to see bands knit made to start desilacharse easily, which makes you have to do more investments in the future. That is better than if you buy a belt for your figure, to look thinner, after delivery or after your surgery, which is the best band of the single market and has Fajate international quality standards and a diverse catalog of references for each body type, size and height. keep in mind all these considerations when making your investment. So do not be fooled, Fajate strips can be recognized by special packaging used to store them in the freezer and improve their life besides having international certification seals and the table of measures. The optical color is another of its characteristics and the Lycra label certification in addition to the micro-capsules contain vitamin e. Fajate belt is the only developed market to be inside in soft fabrics and elastic powernet and contain the perfect compression for your figure.Fajate there is only one!Fájate - Girdles and everyday postsurgical / orthopedic garments with ISO 9001 International Certification V. 2008
Fájate - Fajas postquirurgicas y de uso diario / Prendas ortopédicas con Certificación Internacional ISO 9001 V. 2008

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